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Q - Do I own the system?

A - Yes, with Alarmguard Security you purchase the equipment, and it is a non-proprietary system with no lock-out code.

Q - What if the power goes off?

A - The alarm system has a backup rechargeable battery that will power the system until the electricity comes back on. The battery will last approximately 24 hours without electricity, depending on how old the battery is. When the electricity comes back on, the system will recharge the battery. We recommend the battery be changed approximately every three years.

Q - How does monitoring work?

A - When a protected door contact is violated, or a motion detector is tripped, your system goes into alarm. At this point the system seizes the phone line and sends a digital message to our U.L.-approved central station. The operator will then call the premise to verify the alarm. If your phone line is busy or no one answers, they will dispatch the police. If you have set off the alarm yourself, wait and the phone will ring; answer it and the operator will ask you for your password. When you give the proper password, the alarm will be cancelled.

Q - Should I have my system monitored?

A – Yes, in case of an alarm, you will be notified immediately as well as the proper authorities. You would not want to experience a break-in while you were on vacation and come home to an open door. Most insurance companies offer a discount with a monitored alarm system.

Q - What is "Backup Radio"?

A - In the event an intruder has cut your phone line, or if for some reason your phone lines are down due to an accident or perhaps construction in the area, your security system will still be able to communicate with our central station.

Q – If I had a security system installed, will it help my insurance rates?

A – Yes. Almost every insurance provider offers some level of a discount when you have a monitored security system installed. With monitored smoke detectors, the insurance discount could be higher.

Q - Will my alarm work on a VOIP phone line?

A - We recommend against monitoring on VOIP lines due to the instability of the communication of the alarm signal over VOIP. We offer other alternatives, such as long-range radio, cellular backup or internet monitoring.

Q - How often should I test my alarm system?

A - Your system should be tested weekly according to the procedures in your owner’s manual to assure it is working properly and is communicating with the central station.